Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Here is an example of our (dis)engaged society! Today I logged on my gmail to find that there is a new feature that will save me tons of time: autopilot.

I no longer have to worry about responding to e-mail messages since google can now imitate my tone and style perfectly, with me never having to hit a button! They can even replicate my common spelling errors! They recommend that one log in once every so often, just to be safe, but imagine not having to worry about checking e-mail every day. In a world where we are constantly disengaging with each other, it is nice to know the good people at google are helping me get even further away from what's important. I don't even have to e-mail anymore for God's sake...amazing!

I already loved it when they read my e-mails and published ads above my inbox based on the content, and that they know what I am looking for before I can even think of the right search terms. But now I don't even have to pay attention to those pesky e-mails from my sick grandmother, or my parents trying to stay in contact while they are retired and have nothing to do. Who wants that? Google Autopilot will take of it all for me now. Google, is there anything you can't do???!!!

(It is nice to see that the folks at Google can still get into the spirit of things, and that I still have a sense of humor left.)

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